De kleine Circulaire economie voor Dummies

De kleine Circulaire Economie voor Dummi

De kleine Circulaire economie voor Dummies is an official For Dummies-book about the circular economy for the Dutch and Flemish market, published by BBNC Uitgevers. The book is only available in Dutch and will be in stores from January 30 (2020) or you can order it online.

95% of Dutchies is still a circular economy dummy

Belgian ministers drew up a list of 21 measures to achieve a circular Belgium. The Dutch government strives for the economy to be a 100% circular by 2050. However, only 5% of people in the Netherlands exactly know what a circular economy is. This

means that 95% is still a 'dummy' on this topic. These figures are a mismatch: how can a country become completely circular if only 5 percent of the population knows exactly what it is?

In order to achieve a circular economy, we need a systems change.

This means we drastically need to change the foundations of our society. This affects everything we do: our culture, our behaviour, the way we consume, the way we work together, our holidays, you name it. That's why it's extremely important that not only the government or the business community is part of this change, but that we are all part of it. And with that in mind, I came up with the idea for a circular economy for dummies guide.