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Rozanne Henzen is a researcher and circular economy expert at the Sustainable Transformation Lab of Antwerp Management School. She is the writer of two books: Mastering the Circular Economy and De kleine Circulaire economie voor Dummies. She is fueled by her passion for circular change.

Rozanne Henzen holds a Master of Science in Strategic Communication (magna cum laude) from the University of Antwerp. She considers herself a ‘forever student,’ eager to both build on her academic foundations in strategic communication and consumer behaviour, and stay in tune with the latest circular economy developments.


As a graduate student she worked for the Flanders Innovation Cluster for Logistics and conducted research on circular logistics and consumer behaviour in the textile industry. In 2020 Rozanne was recognized as one of the Sustainable Young 100 in the Netherlands.

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When not conducting research or writing, Rozanne loves discovering other cultures, finding an awesome second-hand outfit, listening to podcasts, reading detectives or sci-fi novels, going to the market on Saturdays, learning new skills like sewing and upcycling her own clothes or playing tennis, and elephants, she really love elephants!