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Textile Innovation: Spinnova

Fashion one of the most polluting industries in the world and the cotton industry has a high impact on that. Cotton is used by nearly every single person on the planet on a daily basis. But the production of cotton puts an enormous level of stress the environment, the local economies and the communities producing it: from misuse of pesticides, low incomes, an excessive use of water to the exploitation of women and children. Think about this: it takes 2720 litres of water to make one single cotton t-shirt. That’s how much we normally drink over a 3 year period.

There are many ways in which improvements need to be made and Finnish Textile innovation company Spinnova does that: they have created a textile made out of 100% recycled wood. In their production they use 99% less water and 80% less energy than cotton, deleting all the pesticides and the labour issues from the process.

Spinnova’s unique technology enables direct yarn spinning from wood fibres without chemical treatment, inspired by spiders. The end product is from natural origins completely and the additives used are environmentally safe.

They are named in the top 10 fabric innovations of 2016-2017: this makes them a company to watch!!

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