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The 'Eco' Edit: Greenwashing or a Step in the Right Direction?

In this article Lucy Siegle exactly states what I was struggling to put into words in my post about the C&A cradle to cradle certified t-shirt.

'For Siegle, the idea that the global fashion companies are leading some huge change is phony. “Where does that even come from? It’s not true. And this idea that we can’t get dressed without them. Really? We used to.”'

'The recent introduction of cheap, fast fashion, she says, “shows no signs of releasing its stranglehold on the fashion industry, or of bringing substantively better lives for garment workers.” Rather: “all the signs are pointing to brands trying to speed up production and get it to market quicker, because that’s where the money is. It’s not a rosy outlook. I think we need some very serious strategic action to get results.”'



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