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Thrift to make the shift!

An article from Business Insiderstates that in the USA, millennials are ditching fast fashion to buy secondhand and vintage. The trend for secondhand shopping gained in the post-recession period, and has turned into a norm for millennials:

'Millennials are becoming increasingly aware of the negative environmental impact of cheap fast fashion, and they’re growing tired of the low-quality, throwaway styles being churned out by certain retailers'.

New concepts for secondhand shopping are booming, like the ones I talked about earlier, ThredUpand Style Lend or online platforms like United Wardrobe, Rebelleand Vestiaire Collective. Major are brands also responding by reviving their archive collections and implementing vintage platforms, such as Filippa K.

Personally, I buy almost all of my clothes and shoes secondhand. I love the thrill of the perfect secondhand find that no one else has, the rush of finding your new favorite piece for a small price, the kick-off telling people that 'yes everything in this outfit is secondhand' and the reactions that you get because of it, and of course, the fact that I do not bring anything new into the fashion circle. I can recommend it to anyone ;)


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