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Report: Circular Jobs in the Netherlands

An interesting report about circular jobs in the Netherlands, which shows a positive outlook on the future for circular jobs. They define two different kind of jobs within the circular economy: enabling and core jobs. Enabling jobs are the ones like designers, architects, data analysts, management consultants and trade association managers. The core jobs are the more practical ones: the technicians, solar panel installers, recycling operatives and leasing process managers. 'The Dutch circular labour force comprises 810.000 jobs in 2015, representing 8.1% of the entire Dutch workforce. The number of circular jobs as a share of the entire dutch workforce remained relatively stable, around the 10% mark, before 2008, after which it has declined significantly with a loss of almost 100,000 circular jobs.'  But, is stated in the report, the enabling circular jobs are fast growing with a huge future potential. Let's hope one of those will be mine in approximately a year ;)

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